Huge majority of Israeli Jews support the slaughter, want all Palestine Jewish

Note: The following articles present the situation of the Israeli public opinion, although all the results presented are not true. For example we consider, for obvious reasons, as a piece of manipulative propaganda the “information” that a majority of Israeli Arabs are supporting the Israeli military operation contained in one of the articles

What Israelis Think of the War With Hamas 

By Anna Gordon

New opinion polls just released from Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University’s Peace Index indicate that Israeli attitudes towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are more hawkish than at any point in recent memory.

Both surveys were conducted in the aftermath of the Oct. 7 massacre and the resulting war with Hamas, and sampled approximately 600 people each. The polls are part of a series conducted several times per year and attempt to be representative of the various factions of Israeli society, including Israeli citizens of Palestinian descent.

Despite thousands of protesters gathering in Tel Aviv to demand the release of the hostages held by Hamas, only 10% of Israeli Jews in the Israel Democracy Institute poll said they would support a pause in fighting in order to exchange hostages. Meanwhile, 44.3%, the plurality of Israeli Jews, said they want the government to negotiate for the hostages immediately without pausing the fighting.

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Most Israelis want Hamas crushed despite Gaza casualties, UN rebuke

Israeli citizens said on Wednesday the army should not back off its unrelenting offensive to crush Hamas, despite the U.N. General Assembly’s ceasefire call, the growing list of troop casualties and a spiralling Palestinian death toll in Gaza.

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Israel’s military suffered one of the deadliest days in the two-month-old Gaza war on Tuesday, with a colonel among 10 soldiers killed, bringing the toll to 115 – almost double the number killed during clashes in the coastal enclave nine years ago.

And with much of the enclave laid to waste, conditions dire and more than 18,500 Palestinians killed in the Israeli army’s air and ground assault, U.S. President Joe Biden said the “indiscriminate” bombing of Gazan civilians was costing Israel international support.

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Israel’s First Unanimous War

By Gideon Levy

We’ve never before had a war like this, a war of complete consensus, a war of total silence, a war of blind support; a war without objection, without protest, without refusal to serve, without opposition, neither in the beginning or in the middle. A unanimous war, with wall-to-wall approval – excluding the Arab citizens of the state, who have been prohibited from objecting – and without question marks or even any doubts.

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