Communists welcome defeat for ‘far-right and proto-fascists’ in the United States

THE Communist Party of Britain has welcomed the defeat of Donald Trump in the US presidential election.

General secretary Robert Griffiths said yesterday that this is “a symbolic victory for the millions of trade unionists, anti-racists, women, environmentalists and black and ethnic minority campaigners who want to see progressive change in their country.

“It is also a setback for the far-right mobs, proto-fascists and dangerous conspiracy-mongers who have gathered around Trump to defend the racism, rampant inequality, corruption and violence which disfigure American society,” he added, “although these people have not gone away.”

The CP leader declared that Britain’s communists and socialists stood shoulder to shoulder with those in the US who fight for social justice, equal rights and peace — not least with the Communist Party USA.

“But now begins the real struggle to win these things against entrenched opposition not only from the monopoly corporations, the military-industrial complex, the Pentagon, and Republicans in the US Congress, but also from within the Democratic Party,” Mr Griffiths remarked.

“When it comes to foreign and military policy, president-elect Biden is every bit as committed to the pro-Nato, anti-China and anti-liberation agenda in Latin America and the Middle East as Trump,” he warned.

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