A Million American Deaths and 400,000 Rumble Views

By Ron Unz
May 30, 2022

Over the last week or two, my newspapers have been running front-page stories declaring that our country’s Covid fatalities had reached the million mark, and as usual, their facts were wrong.

Anyone who bothers consulting the official CDC website could quickly determine that since Covid reached our shores two years ago, our country has already suffered around 1.3 million “excess deaths,” nearly all of which were either directly or indirectly due to the disease outbreak that began in Wuhan in late 2019. These fatalities total more than twenty times America’s losses in the Vietnam War and triple our World War II deaths, representing by far the largest death toll for any event in our entire national history.

Meanwhile, according to the most recent report of the World Health Organization, excess deaths worldwide over the last couple of years have now nearly reached fifteen million, exceeding the four-year total of the First World War.

During the two decades since the 9/11 Attacks and the Iraq War, I have been scathing in my criticism of our mainstream news media, and the many dozens of articles in my harshly critical American Pravda series on that subject now totals over 400,000 words. But even by the degraded standards I have condemned, the American media coverage of why so many Americans have now died has been astonishing to me.

More than two years ago, Iran’s government and media explicitly denounced America for the Covid outbreak, which they claimed had represented an illegal biowarfare attack against their own country and China, with Iran’s former president even filing a formal complaint with the United Nations. Yet not a single word of those explosive charges was ever reported in our own media, so virtually no Americans ever became aware of them. Although I was closely following the Covid outbreak at the time, I only discovered those public accusations more than a year later.

The reason for such extreme reticence by the American media is hardly mysterious. If the Iranian charges had ever been reported—even if presented as insane or ridiculous—large numbers of Americans might have begun to consider the possibility, and they would have soon discovered that the actual evidence of American governmental guilt was quite strong. So merely a tiny leak in the dam of enforced public ignorance might have quickly become an unstoppable flood.

Indeed, although I had been entirely unaware of those Iranian claims, I quickly came to very similar conclusions, and over the last two years I have published a long series of articles presenting the mountain of supporting evidence, while failing to find even a single strong argument on the other side.

So it appears that the unintended blowback from a failed biowarfare attack, probably carried out by rogue elements of the Trump Administration, has now cost well over a million Americans their lives. Add to that the two years of intermittent lockdowns, the massive economic disruptions, the widespread promotion of controversial new vaccines, and the extremely high inflation produced by many trillions of dollars in desperate governmental spending. If substantial numbers of our citizens began to believe that this unparalleled national disaster had been the consequence of an exceptionally reckless biowarfare attack by members of our own government, I think that our existing political regime would have a very difficult time surviving the recriminations.

Yet to my utter and complete amazement, nearly all our journalists and commentators have spent more than two years averting their eyes from this absolutely obvious factual evidence. The reality of our disaster has been ignored not merely by the notoriously timorous members of the mainstream media but even by almost all the supposedly bold truth-tellers of the alternative media as well.

However, although there seems to be an extreme reluctance to publicly mention these facts, there does seem to be a considerable fascination in reading them or seeing them discussed.

Just days after my first major Covid origins article was released and began to go viral, our entire website was banned from Facebook and all our pages deranked by Google. Yet despite these crippling blows, my Covid articles have generated more than a half million pageviews since April 2020, while the eBook collecting my articles has been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

Even more impressive has been the reaction to several of my video interviews with small podcasters in February of this year. Although the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war later that same month completely swamped all other issues and diverted public interest in an entirely different direction, my video discussions have still accumulated more than 400,000 views on Rumble, far more than I had ever expected.

Presumably at least a few of those readers or viewers have absorbed this important material, but any echoes elsewhere have been as rare as cries of “Long Live Trotsky” in Stalin’s USSR. Apparently the likelihood that elements of the American government killed over a million of our own citizens remains too horrific a possibility to admit. Indeed, one policy analyst I know explicitly told me “Nobody wants to hear that the US did COVID.” So except for the massive loss of human life, the entire situation seems like something out of a Monty Python skit.

However, with the continuing Russia-Ukraine war now fading a little from the headlines, I’m hoping to restart my series of audio or video discussions, and any podcasters interested in interviewing me on their show should email me.

Given the importance of the topic and its near total absence from public discussion, some of my February presentations generated viewership more than 100x greater than the typical interviews in those channels. And if the Trump-hating media ever discovered the issue and suspended their disbelief, the results might easily rival the 26 million Youtube views of John Mearsheimer’s 2016 lecture on the origins of the Ukraine conflict.

Meanwhile, for those who had missed my February Covid presentations, here are three of the interviews, from Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad, Geopolitics & Empire, and Red Ice TV: 

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