With Netanyahu on phone, elated Trump predicts ‘one unified family’ in Mideast

Announcing Israel-Sudan peace, US president invites reporters to hear call with Israel, Sudan leaders, says Saudis ign up, ultimately Iran too; PM backs ‘better’ Iran deal

23 October 2020

With the leaders of Israel and Sudan on the phone in the Oval Office, a euphoric US President Donald Trump on Friday predicted peace throughout the Middle East and wider region, including between Israel and even Iran — in a “unified family” as never before.

In extraordinary scenes in the Oval Office, Trump brought reporters into the room to hear much of the call, during which he announced that Israel and Sudan had agreed to make peace, and then set out far wider ambitions and predictions.

He said “at leave five” other countries “want to come in” and join the UAE, Bahrain and now Sudan, added that “many more” will follow, indicated that Saudi Arabia would be one of them, and predicted that ultimately Iran would follow suit.

After Trump stressed that a new accord with Iran would be contingent on the regime not getting nuclear weapons, Netanyahu weighed in to say that he would not oppose “a better deal” with Iran.

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