War or Peace?

Pentagon chief says he currently has no plan to seize Iranian tanker Adrian Darya 1

September 6, 2019
U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Thursday he currently had no plan on his desk to seize the Iranian oil tanker Adrian Darya 1, which is at the center of a dispute between Tehran and Western powers.
The tanker, which is loaded with Iranian crude oil, appears to have turned off its transponder in the Mediterranean west of Syria.
The vessel, formerly named Grace 1, was detained by British Royal Marine commandos off Gibraltar on July 4 as it was suspected to be en route to Syria in violation of European Union sanctions.
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Can Trump Change Course on Iran and Still Keep Evangelicals Onboard?

Sept. 06, 2019
Ever since he entered the White House in January 2017, President Donald Trump has adopted a tough and adversarial policy toward Iran. His administration withdrew from the nuclear deal signed by his predecessor, placed a wide range of economic sanctions on the country, and some of his most senior advisers have openly called for war with Iran and regime change in Tehran.
In recent weeks, though, contradictory signs have been emerging from the White House with regard to its Iran policy.
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Iran Overture and Greenblatt Departure Cloud Trump-Netanyahu Paradise

Sep 06, 2019
Thursday morning started badly for Benjamin Netanyahu and things went downhill from there. Before taking off for London, Netanyahu seemed to be criticizing his lord, ally and lifeline Donald Trump for reaching out to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, saying, “This is not the time to talk to Iran”.
After realizing the grievousness of his crime – and its potentially cruel punishment – an anxious Netanyahu pounced on the first opportunity to clarify that 1. His barb wasn’t aimed at Trump, heaven forbid, but at the misguided French President Emmanuel Macron and 2. Trump is still his hero, one who would bring “sobriety and responsibility” to any talks he might hold with the Iranian leader, Netanyahu said. At least he didn’t include Trump’s renowned “dignity” and “honesty” as well.
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