US-Israel: Α war between giants. Behind the settlers, on the role of Israel and on the western regime

The adoption, by the Security Council of the United Nations, of a decision condemning Israel for allowing the colonization of occupied Palestinian lands has provoked a polemic of extreme and very rare violence, between Netanyahu and the US Administration.
The exchanges do not bear only on the settlers. They touch directly upon the role of Israel in the world and in the US Foreign Policy. They touch also indirectly on the core principles on which the western political system was based till now
Here is a small selection of some articles:


PLO Leader: Israel Is the Most Racist, Violent Government in World History

Palestinian Liberation Organization executive committee member Hanan Ashrawi spoke to CNN’s Don Lemon about the recent United Nations Security Council vote calling on Israel to stop settlement construction.  Lemon asked Ashrawi to explain what steps the Palestinians have taken for peace with the Israelis, to which Ashrawi answered, “I think we are trying our best to make peace in every possible way.”
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The UN settlement resolution is too little and too late

The United Nations Security Council vote decrying Israel’s policy of settlement expansion is a welcome but empty gesture – all but irrelevant to the contest waged daily between Israel and Palestinians, but perfectly suited to the new fascination with entertainment as policy.
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Kerry argues against ditching the “two-state solution” in the Middle East

In a lengthy speech delivered at the State Department headquarters in Washington, Secretary of State John Kerry defended the longstanding US policy of supporting a “two-state solution” of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
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