US, AIPAC and Venezuela

Ilhan Omar grills Trump’s Venezuela envoy over past – video

The Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar had a heated exchange with the Trump administration’s special envoy to Venezuela over his record in Latin America.
The Minnesota representative pressed Elliott Abrams – a former Reagan administration official – on his involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal

5 Reasons Why Ilhan Omar Is Right About AIPAC

Ilhan Omar, one of the few progressive lawmakers in the United States Congress came under attack Sunday for criticizing Israel’s overt influence on the U.S. politics.
Omar suggested that members of U.S. Congress support Israel because of money they receive from the pro-Israel lobbying groups, sparking a Twitter storm. She tweeted that support for Israel was “all about the Benjamins” i.e., Benjamin Franklin whose image appears on US$100 bill. Pro-Israel voices in the United States political and media spheres quickly criticized her while many progressive voices defended her.