Uprising in America

Live Updates: Donald Trump Under Fire Following George Floyd Speech

The United States has been facing violent protests and riots since last week following the death of an African American man, George Floyd, in police custody.
The UN staff have expressed solidarity with victims of racism amid the ongoing wave of protests caused by the death of African-American man George Floyd, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said.
A video of George Floyd’s arrest showed a white police officer, George Chauvin, asphyxiating and killing him by shoving his knee into Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes after he had been restrained, despite Floyd saying that he could not breathe. The clip sparked protests which soon turned into riots, as cities across the US descended into chaos characterised by looting, arson attacks and the destruction of property.
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Protests against police violence sweep across small-town America

June 5, 2020
ANNA, Illinois/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Before sundown on Thursday around 150 protesters marched down the main street in Anna, Illinois, past Bob’s Tavern, Oasis of Grace Church, Douglas Skating Rink and Casey’s General Store holding homemade signs and chanting “black lives matter.”
Nearly a century ago this southern Illinois town of 4,200 residents expelled most of its African-American residents, according to historians.
The rally was held in solidarity with others protesting the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis with a white policeman’s knee on his neck. Some residents said they were marching as a way to try to move beyond their own community’s past.
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Trump intensifies campaign to brand domestic opposition as terrorism

5 June 2020
The Trump administration is continuing its campaign for military intervention against the mass protests over police brutality that have swept the United States since the police killing of 46-year-old African American George Floyd on May 25. Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray held a press conference Thursday afternoon to voice lying claims that left-wing groups bent on violence had “hijacked” the protests, in an effort to manufacture a pretext for repression.
Barr advocated the use of anti-terrorism units to apprehend the “agitators.” The branding of domestic political opposition as terrorism is aimed at delegitimizing and criminalizing all opposition to police violence and the policies of the oligarchy.
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US gears for weekend protests amid anger at new police abuses

AFP News The United States braced Friday for massive weekend protests against racism and police brutality, as outrage soared over the latest law enforcement abuses against demonstrators that were caught on camera.
With protests over last week’s police killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, surging into a second weekend, President Donald Trump sparked fresh controversy by saying it was a “great day” for Floyd.
Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for November’s election, called Trump’s comments “frankly despicable,” as thousands took to streets across America for a 10th straight day of anti-racism demonstrations.
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WATCH: CN LIVE! New Episode— ‘America in Revolt’

A protest sparked by another police killing of an unarmed, black man spread in days beyond the U.S. Can this upheaval produce serious reform of policing  and economic policy? With Margaret Kimberley, Garland Nixon, Brian Becker and Richard Wolff.

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HARBI Mohammed

It has been a time, it seems, that many have anticipated, but whose timing could never precisely be predicted.
After 40 years of economic policies designed to create massive income inequality and after 400 years of oppression of African-Americans—and in the midst of a historic pandemic—the social explosion has occurred.
A protest sparked by yet another police killing of an unarmed, black man filmed with mobile phones spread in days beyond the United States. One act of police brutality has led to hundreds of horrific incidents of police violence, dramatically exposing what the true nature of the American police appears to be.
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Black Misleaders Seek to End Protest

By Margaret Kimberley
June 05, 2020
The aftermath of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of Minneapolis, Minnesota police has created a national political crisis. The revulsion caused by this latest killing caught on camera spawned protests in Minneapolis and all over the country. Black people are the angriest, knowing they are at risk of the same treatment and because most police killings rarely result in convictions.
But the mass actions present a problem for the rulers. Anger boiled beneath the surface after years of the race to the bottom austerity regime, the worsening economic collapse in the wake of the COVID-19 quarantine, and another Democratic presidential primary rigged by that party’s donor class to defeat the prospect of even minimalist reforms.
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