Ukraine’s Allies May Be Involved in Drone Strikes Against Russian Civilians

Plans of the strikes are reportedly being worked out with outside help.

Apr. 2, 2024

Plans of the strikes are reportedly being worked out with outside help.

Western powers may be assisting Ukraine in staging drone strikes against targets deep in Russian territory such as oil refineries, if a recent report by CNN is to be believed.

According to the media outlet, a “source close to Ukraine’s drone program” revealed some curious details about the way these strikes are planned.

“The flights are determined in advance with our allies, and the aircraft follow the flight plan to enable us to strike targets with meters of precision,” the source said.

The media outlet also quoted its source as saying that the Ukrainian drone strikes’ accuracy is “enabled through the use of artificial intelligence,” with each UAV allegedly being outfitted with a “terminal computer with satellite and terrain data.”

Neither the source nor the media outlet specified how Ukraine managed to get its hands on this kind of technology.

Since the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict in February 2022, forces loyal to the regime in Kiev have attempted to carry out drone strikes against civilian targets in Russia.

In recent weeks, the focus of these strikes shifted to oil refineries as the Ukrainian leadership and its Western sponsors look to deal a blow to the Russian economy.

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