Turkey asks to be immediately admitted in the EU

Speaking in the Turkish parliament, the country’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said, referring to the ongoing International Conference on Cyprus, that “we are talking about a united Cyprus. Once this agreement is secured, Turkey should be treated as if it is a member of the EU”

The International Conference on Cyprus is an illegal operation, in which unfortunately cooperates the European Commission and the General Secretariat of the UN, in complete breach of the Treaties of the EU and of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus.

Three foreign countries, Britain, Greece and Turkey, two of them involved in the past in bloody wars against Cypriots, are now discussing in Geneva the ethnic conflicts in a fourth country, member of the European Union. In the discussions are present representatives of the Greek Cypriot majority of the population (82%) and of the Turkish Cypriot minority (18%), but not the Cypriot state.

It is a post-modern, still very real coup d’ etat, organized by the most extremist forces inside the international establishment, aiming at circumventing the verdict of Cypriots themselves during the 2004 referendum. A second aim of this operation is to realize the decades old US and British strategy of bringing Turkey inside the EU, in spite of the objections of many European nations. The settlement they want to impose on Cypriots, provide for 50-50% sharing of the decisions among majority and minority, thus providing Ankara with a veto and also with a dominating influence on Cyprus vote inside the EU and Eurozone.


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