Trump phones Netanyahu to congratulate him that he’ll form, head next government

Leaders also discuss steps needed to manage coronavirus pandemic; call comes day after Benny Gantz indicates he will enter unity government with PM

By Jacob Magid
27 March 2020

US President Donald Trump called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday to congratulate him that he’ll be forming Israel’s next government, the Prime Minister’s Office said.

The call came a day after Netanyahu closed in on a unity government with rival Benny Gantz.

“The president of the United States telephoned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and congratulated him that he will form and head the next government,” the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement.

“During the conversation, which was warm and friendly, the leaders discussed the various steps needed to deal with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic,” the statement said.

The White House said in a statement that Trump and Netanyahu “discussed the latest developments on the coronavirus pandemic, and the president thanked the prime minister for his strong action to stop its spread.”

“The two leaders agreed to cooperate closely to combat the virus and minimize its global impact,” The White House statement said, without mentioning the premiership.