Top China diplomat Wang Yi tells US counterpart Anthony Blinken all sides must ‘proactively guide’ the Taliban

In phone conversation, Wang says coordination between China and the US over Afghanistan would depend on Washington’s policies towards Beijing in other areas – He accuses US of ‘double standard’ in efforts to eradicate terrorism in Afghanistan

By Robert Delaney
30 Aug, 2021
Photo: Xinhua

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday about Afghanistan, accusing Washington of using “double standards” in its efforts to eradicate terrorism in the country and urged Blinken to do more to stop the violence that has rocked Kabul.

In the first direct exchange between the two top diplomats since the suicidebombings that killed about 170 Afghans last week, Wang told Blinken that the military withdrawals by the US and Nato members following the Taliban’s takeover of the country “are very likely to offer opportunities for a resurgence of all terrorist groups inside Afghanistan”, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

While Wang called for “all sides to contact and proactively guide the Taliban”, he warned that coordination between China and the US would depend on Washington’s policies towards Beijing in other areas, including efforts to investigate the origins of the coronavirus pandemic

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