The US donors who gave generously to rightwing UK groups

A range of charitable foundations have donated millions of dollars to free market thinktanks

American donors that have given money to British rightwing groups since 2014

John Templeton foundations $3.3m

Three foundations have been created using the fortune of an ultra-conservative US billionaire, Sir John Templeton, who died in 2008. They have given $1.5m to the Legatum Institute, $1.4m to the Adam Smith Institute and $497,000 to the Institute of Economic Affairs.

The John Templeton Foundation said it supports “a variety of projects in an effort to promote individual freedom, free markets, prosperity, and enterprise-based solutions to poverty”. Two of the Templeton foundations maintain public databases of grants, which are acknowledged on the websites of their UK thinktank recipients.

The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has also acknowledged that a Templeton foundation had donated to its CapX website, which makes the case for popular capitalism. Internet records suggest that the funding was given between 2015 and 2017. The CPS did not respond when asked how much was given or when.