The technocracy that helped Trump win now wants him impeached

America’s technocrats say impeachment is about protecting democratic institutions, but they helped undermine them.

by Andrew Mitrovica

I am loath to make mention of New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, but the bizarre times and the historical record demand it.

Friedman is a marquee member of America’s technocracy – the men and women in corporate media, politics, economics, diplomacy and the so-called intelligence “community” who run the show in Washington, DC and beyond.

The chat-show-friendly scribe is read and feted by other members of America’s technocracy who treat his musings about America and the world, particularly the Arab world, in print or on TV with a reverence usually reserved for pontiffs.

Lately, Friedman has been writing about the imperative of impeaching US President Donald Trump to save democracy. This recent column, like his antipathy towards Trump, is a facsimile of countless other columns by countless other members of the technocracy who insist the impeachment of a diseased presidency will not only rehabilitate American democracy but the, by now, sullied institutions that gird it.

This aching nostalgia for democracy and its once pristine apparatus is flagrantly ironic since the same technocrats who want to evict Trump from office helped put him there.