The rogue state, the facts of ethnic cleansing, and the term the next day

By Marwan Emil Toubasi. 

While the rogue occupying state continues the crimes of ethnic cleansing in Palestine and plans to displace and control Gaza and make it an unlivable place after systematic destruction and killing, with all its consequences, repercussions and effects that our people have never witnessed since before the crime of the first Nakba. Its representative at the United Nations is tearing up the United Nations Charter, on the basis of which his state was established and in accordance with its UN Resolution No. 181, without negotiating with anyone and without adhering to the limits indicated in the resolution. That resolution stipulated the establishment of two states, but without the State of Palestine being established under it to this day.

This reckless position expresses the Zionist arrogance and superiority mentality that is accustomed to violating, violating and rejecting all international conventions and resolutions and the rights of our people without accountability or punishment.

Today, the international community is paying the price for its weakness since the crime of the Nakba through the absence of justice and the hypocrisy of some of them in support of their interests as a result of that shameless insult to the status of the countries of the world and this international organization, despite its members voting by a majority of 143 members on a resolution declaring that the State of Palestine qualifies for full membership in the United Nations in accordance with Article 4 of its Charter. And calling on the Security Council to reconsider its previous decision and recognize the State of Palestine, which reaffirms the international position, the majority of which supports the inalienable rights of our people, with the necessity of reading the voting trend, especially for the abstaining European Union countries, and taking action to review it in support of the political relations between us.

Also, the Zionist Biden administration, after announcing that it had accepted the assurances of the Israeli occupation government that it was not violating American or international law in its implementation of the war in Gaza, a conclusion that of course contradicts the assessments conducted by the United Nations and international relief organizations, voted to reject the General Assembly’s resolution yesterday and to Attacking textThe decision came after last week it had dropped its draft resolution regarding recognition of the State of Palestine in support of its successive historical positions opposing the rights of our Palestinian people and its strategic partnership with Israel.

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The timing of the American announcement to operate the “floating dock/port” in accordance with the occupation of the Rafah crossing, the dismemberment of the Gaza Strip, and the establishment of four new military sites and buffer zones, came to confirm that all of this serves Israel’s “political and security project” by reoccupying the Gaza Strip, as well as the American vision of controlling the Strip. Eastern Mediterranean basin includingThis includes the establishment of the American base with 23,000 soldiers in the Negev Desert, along with its other military bases in our region.

Controlling the crossing is related to the political future of the Gaza Strip according to the directions of the American administration and the occupying power, especially since it is the only crossing that represents the gateway to dealing with the outside world through Egypt. This occupation of the crossing ends any appearance of independent Palestinian sovereignty, and means the desire to reoccupy the Gaza Strip, accompanied by the encroachment of West Bank camps, villages and cities, committing crimes there, the Judaization of Jerusalem, and attempts to displace its people from it and from the camps in particular.

From the beginning, I have written about the vision of the new Middle East, which continues to incite the ideas of the American administration to serve its strategic interests, as well as the biblical Zionist vision, which transformed the idea of the “alleged religious” Promised Land into a political slogan related to what they call the “national homeland for the Jews” in all of the historic land of Palestine. . Between the two projects to serve one common vision lie the details of completing the implementation that is taking place today by targeting the Palestinian liberation project and the basic right of all our people to self-determination, including their national independence and the establishment of their sovereign state.

Both visions stem essentially from the intersections of political thought that was based on ethnic cleansing, colonial displacement, and racist practices of replacing peoples with other indigenous peoples in the two places despite their geographical distance, America and Palestine, to serve settler colonial thought and hegemony, despite the existing and future structural crises. In various forms, which began to affect the illusion of the so-called “people of the American dream” or the so-called “Jewish people” through various phenomena of disparities that threaten the stability of their societies.

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But despite the heroic steadfastness, the acts of resistance, the adherence to the land, and the losses suffered by the enemy as a result of the street war, the sons of our Palestinian people, and despite the fact that they will emerge from this battle with the victory of the October 7 battle, which toppled many things and changed existing facts, regardless of what we agree on or disagree on. With the Hamas movement and toWe categorically reject the dark ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, but our people will also emerge, due to the ugliness of the occupation, with deep wounds that will remain for years, especially in its repercussions on the social fabric and its ability to reproduce society in its various sectors, as well as rebuilding its national movement according to foundations that may be new, but with national consensus. To protect our people and rebuild.

Although the United States may seek to achieve a new Middle East project under the names of “peace and economic stability” in the entire broader region around us. However, its support for Israel’s crimes and actions in Gaza and the West Bank raises criticism and opposition from multiple parties in the international community and all peoples, including sectors of the Americans themselves, which contributes to the isolation of its position today and makes it difficult to achieve the consensus and trust necessary to present new initiatives for peace in the region, as LostIts role and status has been around for a long time.

Today, its role must be replaced by other countries and forces that are now rising in accordance with the current international changes, and this requires a clear Palestinian political vision and decision in this regard, without chasing American mirages and illusions that seek to perpetuate the occupation in forms that may be different. The United States’ involvement in the Israeli war of genocide conflicts with its verbal efforts due to internal considerations after the street and students rose up to pray for peace in the region.

Displacement under voluntary justifications, which in reality is coercive, is an option that may be the most important for the Judaization strategy against the Palestinian liberation project. Its features have begun to knock on the doors of the people of the Gaza Strip, who will be forced to do so under the justification of a personal choice, and I mean displacement while facilitating their entry into many Western countries under humanitarian pretexts. To look like it’s notCoercive act.

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The war of extermination, cleansing, displacement, and control of Gaza, and what may result from it later, is a bigger issue than this preoccupation with the existing conversation about the details of the next day. Dealing with it is a national responsibility for all within the framework of unity and developing the role of the PLO, which must take the lead and responsibility for confronting its challenges.

The future management of the Gaza Strip must be through the integration of all sectors of Palestinian society into the Palestinian political structure and system and the spread of electoral democracy essentially throughout all of Palestine on the basis of the unity of the land, the people and the cause, and on the basis of the Declaration of Independence and the Basic Law.

In addition to being an international file that constitutes a challenge on a moral, legal, and political level to the international community, the responsibility for its causes and consequences is primarily borne by the occupying state, which must bear all compensation for its war crimes, as happened with former Nazi Germany, and try it and its war criminals before the competent international courts, which are today exposed to American threats. And Israeli alike.

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