The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on Gaza

Deputy Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Jamil Mezher
To the steadfast masses of our people in all places:

Our great people in Gaza, the land of dignity, heroism, sacrifice, and defiance… Gaza, the blood and soul of Palestine, the creator of miracles and conqueror of armies.

Our heroic resistance, you with your heroism are laying the foundations of victory. Words fail to honor your worth or describe your sacrifices. Apologies to you, Gaza, O shrine of martyrs, O pride of Palestine and its remaining bleeding wound, O jewel on the [Arab and Islamic] nation’s forehead, the glory of all Arabs, and the icon of the world’s free people. You proclaim your right to life and freedom, and your love for Palestine. Salute to the pure souls of the martyrs, to the most sacred blood spilled by the vilest and most despicable murderers of the earth, the zionist killers of innocents. Salute to the families and relatives of the martyrs, nobler than all of us, to the displaced and grieved, to those whose homes were destroyed by the zionist hatred and international conspiracy, to the children starved by zionist malice and international collusion.

Salute to the doctors, paramedics, and civil defense workers who stood firm and sacrificed to fulfill their duty towards our wounded. Salute to the wounded enduring pain and bearing the cost of the crime of the siege imposed by all the evil forces and powers of this world. Salute to the brave warriors of truth among the journalists and media professionals who were at the forefront of this battle to convey the truth to the world.

And peace be upon you, oh phoenix that rises from beneath the embers, destruction, and ashes, to shatter every iron sword of the invaders and to create the coming flood of victory.

To our people, our blood and our flesh:

From your grandeur are written the epics of dignity, honor, and refusal of displacement or surrender. We behold the greatness of your steadfastness and sacrifices, your determination to resist displacement or surrender. We see in it the very meaning of the word resistance. This patience and steadfastness are the resistance, its foundation, its essence, and the path to its continuation, not only in Gaza but throughout all of Palestine.

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The pain is immense, the wounds are deep, and the souls are tormented, groaning under this injustice. But your cries of pain and anger, through generations, have created the revolution of Palestine, the epic of the 7th of October, and they are what initiated the revenge against the enemy, will defeat this enemy, and topple the aggression with your will, sacrifices, and firm resistance.

O masses of Palestine, the Arab nation, and free people of the world:

We are at a pivotal moment in the course of this battle, and the history of Palestine, the region, and the Arab nation, where we restore the value and dignity of the Arab human, and topple the plans for the liquidation of the Palestinian cause and the genocide and displacement of the Palestinian people. In light of this legendary scene embodied by our people and its brave resistance, we affirm the following:

1. The genocidal war waged by the criminal enemy against our people targets all of Palestine and our entire people, and it did not begin on the 7th of October. Thus, we are called upon to adopt a united Palestinian national stance that adheres to the rights of our people and reflects their unity. From a position of national and historical responsibility, we call everyone to immediately begin forming a united national emergency leadership to confront this aggression and to manage the political and field battle, resisting the liquidation and displacement plans.

2. Everyone must bear responsibility and is demanded to contribute to overthrowing the aims of this aggression, rejecting the occupation and its supports plans to uproot the resistance or demonize any of its factions or accuse them of terrorism, and to confront the displacement projects. There is no way to bypass the legitimate rights of our people, even if all the powers of the earth were to unite against us.

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3. Our people alone possess the right to determine their destiny and chart their future, and will not allow any force or entity in this world to impose its guardianship over them, neither in Gaza nor any inch of Palestine. We will resist any involvement by any Arab or international state or party in the plans of the forces of aggression regarding the fate of our people. The enemy’s prisoners will only be released by stopping the aggression, breaking the siege, and releasing all our prisoners. The temporary truce imposed by the resistance on the occupation through its will does not substitute the necessity for an immediate halt to the aggression in all its forms, removing its effects, and reconstruction.

4. The United States, along with all colonial governments, is primarily responsible for the continuation of this aggression and has supplied it with all means of bombing and destruction, making their forces and fleets a legitimate target for all honorable fighters, to force them to stop the aggression.

5. The official Arab stance has not risen to the minimum level of duty required on any of its levels to end the aggression and is still incapable of enforcing even the feeble decisions issued by the Arab League. Therefore, we call on the Arab masses, the peoples of the region, and the free people of the world to escalate their struggle against the forces and countries of aggression and to act against the interests of the parties involved in the aggression.

6. International institutions, foremost among them the United Nations, are complicit in the aggression and in covering up its crimes, in the genocidal war, the deadly siege, and targeting of hospitals. Hence, we call upon the global conscience and all the free people of the world to act to hold those responsible accountable and to prosecute them as accomplices in war crimes according to the degree of their involvement.

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7. We salute the Axis of Resistance in Lebanon, particularly our brothers in Hezbollah, and in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria, who have taken the initiative since the onset of Al-Aqsa Flood to engage in a real war of attrition against the zionist enemy.

Our great, steadfast people in Gaza, the West Bank, Al-Quds, the occupied territories, and in the refugee and diaspora camps:

Despite the conspiracy of the whole world against you, your feats and sacrifices will remain eternal. From a position of responsibility, we will remain your shield and servants to you and your people, a sword defending your rights. You must trust the resistance and its decisions, rally around it, and have faith in its capable and responsible management of this battle to repel this aggression, to inflict a new defeat on the criminal Netanyahu and his gang, where the resistance imposes its will, terms, and equations on the path to an decisive and inevitable victory over this criminal zionist entity.

For you and for Palestine, we will fight together, win together, and remain free together with our heads held high.

Glory to the martyrs. Victory to Palestine. Freedom to the prisoners. Healing to the wounded.

Deputy Secretary-General of the Popular Front
Jamil Mezher

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