Message From Gaza

Dear colleagues and friends from outside Palestine,

I will brief the current situation in the Gaza Strip

– More than 90% of the martyrs are unarmed civilians
– More than 30% of the martyrs are women and children
– More than 20 rounds of shells are fired by Israeli every minute.
– More than 200,000 children suffer from panic.
– Israel has targeted more than 5 residential buildings with more than
300 apartments

Israel has targeted more than 100 civilian homes and demolished them
over their residents

Widespread destruction of civilian facilities and infrastructure,
including streets and electricity networks. And a threat to sewage
treatment and purification plants, power cuts to hospitals, and an
accelerating shortage of fuel

Please spread these facts in your society, so that the world knows the
extent of the suffering that the Palestinians are experiencing in the
Gaza Strip.

‎#GazaUnderAttack 🇵🇸