The Pensions Outrage

Letter to Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, Minister of Labour and Social Services

Stadiou 29, 10559 Athens

Dear Mr. Hatzidakis,

I have lived in Greece since 1994, and am somewhat disillusioned with the level of competence of the ministry for which you are responsible.

Something very dirty has been happening in the last few years in Greece, the cradle of western civilisation: apart from various corruption scandals, you and your predecessors have not been paying people’s state pensions on time. Some have even been waiting for six years (those who are still alive). I have been waiting nearly four years, after paying into IKA for fifteen years, and the public sector for a further six. Worse, I receive no unemployment benefit! Although I won my case against the Ionian University, they have appealed to the Council of State, so I can expect no money from that quarter for a long time. My accountant, a lawyer and I have tried several times to get a specific answer as to why I am still waiting for my pension, and have been given various dates, which did not materialise. I consider your staff to be utterly incompetent.

I have the following questions to put to you.

First, how am I meant to support my family?

Second, why has Greece been sending arms and taxpayers’ money to kill Russians in the Ukraine, rather than paying its own citizens’ pensions?

Third, are not state pensions sacrosanct in any decent country?

Fourth, how many people are waiting for their state pensions?

Fifth, as a minister, do you have the authority and integrity to pay me my pension forthwith?

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I trust that you will have the honesty to reply, and not avoid the issue.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. William Mallinson

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