The Nazi-Gehlen-CIA roots of the modern German state

Germany’s Spy Agency Admits Employing Himmler’s Daughter in the 1960s

Gudrun Burwitz, who died last month at 88, never renounced her father or Nazism

Germany’s foreign intelligence service employed the daughter of top Nazi Heinrich Himmler in the early 1960s, although she never renounced her father or Nazism, and remained active in far-right extremism all her life. She fought to defend her father’s reputation and aided in the defense of SS members and Nazi war criminals.

The Federal Intelligence Service spy agency acknowledged on Friday that it had employed Himmler’s daughter Gudrun Burwitz after it was reported by Bild newspaper. The revelation could add to public soul-searching over the tolerance of some Nazis after World War II.

Himmler, who as commander of the SS was one of the most powerful Nazis and a principal architect of the murder of six million Jews in the Holocaust, killed himself in British custody in May 1945. His daughter Burwitz died last month in Munich at age 88.