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Tactical voting could hand Jeremy Corbyn keys to No 10 even if he doesn’t gain a seat, Tory memo warns

By Gordon Ryner
Dec. 9, 2019
Jeremy Corbyn is “much closer” to becoming prime minister than voters think because he could get into Downing Street without winning a single extra seat, a Tory party memo has warned.
The memo, dated Dec 7, says the chances of a Corbyn-led coalition have been “seriously underestimated”, as gains of just 12 seats by the SNP, Liberal Democrats and other minor parties would be enough to remove Boris Johnson from No 10.
Internal Tory polling says a hung parliament would be the result of “as little as a 1 to 2 per cent movement in the current vote in a handful of seats”.

A Tory social media blitz is taking over Facebook and YouTube

By MatthewDec. 10, 2019
It was considered one of the most effective social media campaigns in British politics.
In 2016, Dominic Cummings  unleashed project “Waterloo” to help win the EU referendum. The strategy involved spending almost all of Vote Leave’s campaign budget on Facebook in the days leading up to the vote.
“We basically dumped our entire budget in the last 10 days, and really in the last three or four days,” Cummings said after the vote. “We aimed it at roughly 7 million people, who saw something like one and a half billion digital ads over a relatively short period of time.”


Tory disinformation in the social media

‘I was hacked,’ says woman whose account claimed hospital boy photo was staged
Dec. 10, 2019
A medical secretary has claimed that her Facebook account was hacked after it was used to post false information claiming that a photograph of an ill boy on the floor at Leeds General Infirmary was staged for political purposes.
The woman denied posting the allegation that four-year-old Jack Williment-Barr’s mother placed him on the floor specifically to take the picture which became symbolic of the NHS’s troubles after it appeared on the front page of Monday’s Daily Mirror.

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