The impotence of the EU in the crisis with Iran

By Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos 
Ambassador ad honorem
Jan.4, 2019

When terrorist attacks take place it is usually the EU that comes out first with a strong condemnation and repeating the usual ode of condemning violence wherever it may come from.However when a State commits an act of terrorism,even if that State belongs to the so-called West,then we have State terrorism.The EU was unable to condemn the murder of General Suleimani,an official of Iran,at the airport in Baghdad by the USA.So the President of the EU was obliged to make the following statement dated January 3:

“The cycle of violence,provocations,amd retaliations which we have witnessed in Iraq over the last few weeks has to stop.Further escalation must be avoided at all costs.Iraq remains a very fragile country.Too many weapons and too  many militias are slowing the process towards a return to normal daily life for Iraq’s citizens.The risk is a generalised flare up of violence in the whole region and the rise of obscure forces of terrorism that thrive at times of religious and nationalist tensions.”

No comment is required for this statement that could have been formulated even by the State Department.It also demonstrates the invisibility and the impotence of the EU at a critical moment for the future of humanity.At the same time the price of oil is going up while Erdogan is taking advantage of the situation to send troops to Libya.

Unfortunately Greece continues to remain a member of this impotent EU and has created strong ties of alliance with USA and Israel, two countries that exercise state terrorim,thus endagering the safety of the people of Greece since countries that exercise state terrorism can easily use it against their allies,as we saw in Iraq.
The so-called politicians of humanity instead of dealing who will kill more people or create more refugees,could instead organize a humanitarian bridge to save the continent and country called Australia that is burning in flames.Instead they prefer to light more fires elsewhere.What a shame,