The IDF generals’ twenty-year long attempt to defeat Netanyahu

No Six Day War ended IDF brass opposition to Israel’s elected Prime Minister Netanyahu. The war of the generals makes the media war and its latest French donor battle, pale in comparison.

By Giulio Meotti

Israelis are great soldiers out of necessity, not because of militarism. The former chief of staff, the archaeologist Yigal Yadin, said that “in Israel a civilian is a soldier with eleven months leave.”

Some have called Israel “the modern Sparta.” Others, less benign, “the small Middle East Prussia.”

Because of its geographical location and the genocidal intentions of its foes, Israel can not afford a war of position and attrition, it has to win right away. It must have an army that goes hand in hand with the political leadership.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman, a civilian, in place of Moshe “Bogie” Yaalon in“the latest act of the war between Netanyahu and the military leaders and intelligence” according to Ronen Bergman, writing in the NYT.