The French proletariat wakes up

French refinery strikes risk spiralling into bigger crisis for Macron

By , Οψτ 14, 2022
France’s refinery strikes are emboldening hardline unions and the political opposition hoping to ignite a broader movement that could threaten President Emmanuel Macron’s reform agenda.
After nearly three weeks and petrol stations across the nation starting to run dry, the refinery strikes have triggered calls for more industrial action in other sectors and handed the opposition an opportunity.
The left-wing NUPES parliamentary coalition aims to capitalise on the situation with a march on Sunday it hopes will be a major show of force and help turn the page on domestic violence accusations that have dogged senior members recently.
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Who is concerned ? Towards a generalized and renewed mobilization?

Oct 14, 2022

STRIKE 18 OCTOBER. From transport to health, many sectors are affected by the national interprofessional strike called by the CGT, FO, Solidaires and FSU. The unions do not exclude the renewal of the generalized movement.
[Mis à jour le 14 octobre 2022 à 11h43] There will be a strike next Tuesday and the day could be dark in several sectors. The call for strikes and demonstrations “in all companies, public and private” was formalized by the CGT, FO, Solidaires and FSU on the evening of Thursday, October 13. And after the success of the initiative with the unions, the boss of the CGT Philippe Martinez, guest of this Friday, does not exclude the possible renewal of the “interprofessional national strike” beyond Tuesday, October 18. “There is currently a day of strike. Afterwards there are general meetings, discussions and it is the employees who decide whether we continue or not”, he declared, implying that the continuation of the movement will depend above all on the decisions of companies and the government: “We are making proposals so that this question of wages is partly settled. Either we solve the problem, or we play the rot like the government and the management of Total”. It is above all the proposals on the salary increase that are expected, the strikers being invited to mobilize for “wages and the defense of the right to strike”.
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