The ‘flaws’ of French democracy

The deeply undemocratic character of the French electoral system has been demonstrated once again in the recent elections. Mr. Macron as voted by 18.5% of the voters, who really endorsed it during the first round of the presidential election. After the first round of the elections for the parliament he has an absolute domination in the Parliament with 400 deputies and no real opposition to face

The ‘flaws’ of French democracy

By Simon Baptist

Is France a democracy? Most people would assume there is a straightforward answer – “Yes”. After all, France has free and fair elections. However, there is more to a truly democratic society than elections alone, writes Simon Baptist of The Economist Intelligence Unit.

France is a democracy, but not a full democracy, according to the newly published sixth edition of The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index. More accurately, it is a “flawed democracy”.

We give it a score of 7.92 out of 10, below the 25 countries that scored 8.00 or above – all full democracies – and fractionally below Botswana, another flawed democracy. But it’s above the other 140 countries covered by the index, and a long way from being classified as a “hybrid regime” or – quelle horreur – “authoritarian”.