The Danish government apologized for, the Danish Queen defended collaboration with Nazis!


Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Wednesday officially apologized on behalf of Denmark for the extradition of innocent people to Nazi Germany during the World War II, calling it “shameful.”

The memory of the shady sides of the occupation period also belongs to the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Liberation,” Rasmussen said at a ceremony at a war monument in Copenhagen, a day before the May 5 anniversary of his country’s liberation by Allied powers.”This why I want … on behalf the government and therefore of the Danish state to express my regret and apologies for these acts,” he said. “An apology cannot change history. But it can contribute to recognize mistakes made in history and hopefully help future generations to avoid similar mistakes in the future.”

Rasmussen said the apology concerned Jews, but also all others who were “handed over to an uncertain fate in Hitler’s Germany with the active cooperation of the Danish authorities.”