Tuesday, 29 September , 2020


Gülen – an “Islamic Soros”?

Since 2002, Gülen-affiliated foundations have quietly built up the largest charter-school network in America, with over 130 schoolsin 26 different states nationwide. This rapid buildup is troubling, however, since financial records suggest the cleric’s charter-school network has routinely funneled public-education dollars to its own members, often with unclear benefit to students.

The Coup in Turkey – a view from Moscow

EURASIAN BLOC IN TURKEY: ERDOĞAN AND THE KEMALISTS AGAINST GÜLEN AND THE US On July 15th, at around 23:00, the press reported a military coup...

Following Horrific Violence, Something More is Required of Us

I think we all know, deep down, that something more is required of us now. This truth is difficult to face because it’s inconvenient and deeply unsettling. And yet silence isn’t an option. On any given day, there’s always something I’d rather be doing than facing the ugly, racist underbelly of America. I know that I am not alone. But I also know that the families of

26 Million Americans Are Now “Too Poor To Shop” Study Finds

A new study finds that roughly 26 million Americans remain "too poor to shop". The study, performed by America's Research Group, found that about...

Terrorism: A Matrix of Lies and Deceit

So how is your war on “terrorism” going? I’m not doing too well at it since I have no idea who the enemy is. Like the American black comedian, Dick Gregory, who, on hearing that President Johnson had declared a war on poverty, ran out onto the street with a hand grenade to throw it at some poor people, I have no idea who the real enemy is, who to throw a grenade at

Why USA fears Brexit

Many wonder if in case of a Brexit the EU will be hit more badly than Britain, considering that the issue does not concern the US directly as they will stay unaffected. If somebody consults the stock markets he will see that in the last month in France and Germany there was a decline of -3% vs. -2.5% downturn in Britain and a rise of 0.9% in the US

Puerto Rico: The Crisis Exposes Deception

Ten years of recession have made Puerto Rico’s government insolvent and made its economy collapse. The problems of Puerto Rico started before the global crisis emerged in Wall Street and now it contributes to making the crisis public but also, much more serious. Now, it is finally revealing the fiscal and economic failure of the colonial regime and it has caught the nation in a situation which appears impossible to solve.

Supreme Court Rejected Puerto Rico Law in Debt Restructuring Case

Last Monday The Supreme Court ruled against Puerto Rico regarding its Debt, and determined that the island cannot turn to Act 71 – which enables some Commonwealth Public Corporation in financial distress to restructure their debt obligations – striking down Puerto Rico law.

Thousands say last farewell to Muhammad Ali at boxing legend’s funeral...

Thousands of fans lined the streets to celebrate the life of Muhammad Ali as they threw flowers at the hearse in memory of the...

The Creeping Militarization of American Culture

By Ted Galen Carpenter In his 1961 farewell address, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the growing influence of the “military-industrial complex” on American politics...