Monday, 1 June , 2020

US-Russian relations

The end of illusions: Who is the real Donald Trump

Moscow promises Washington a ‘SERIOUS TALK’ about its V-Day message that omits Soviet Union’s role in defeating Nazis 10 May, 2020 Moscow won’t fail to take...

Tulsi Gabbard: No war with Russia for the sake of Erdogan!

Feb.29, 2020

‘We’ll shut your filthy mouth’: Putin says Russia will combat the...

18 Jan, 2020 Moscow is to create the most extensive collection of WWII documents, open to all persons anywhere, to once and for all “shut...

Putin meets Bolton amid nuclear treaty exit tensions

'Did Your Eagle Eat the Olives?' Putin Teases Bolton About US Coat of Arms 23.10.2018 The Russian president met Donald Trump's national security advisor on...

The Dangerous Deception Called The Trump Presidency

The project called the Trump Presidency has just two months before its formal beginning. Yet already the hopes and fantasies of much of the world are making him into something and someone Donald Trump most definitely is not. Donald Trump is yet another project of the same boring old patriarchs who try again and again to create a one world order that they control absolutely, a New World Order that one close Trump backer once referred to as universal fascism.

DANGER – Tensions rising sharply between nuclear superpowers

Tension between Russia and USA rose dangerously, on Thursday 29th of September, as the spokesman of the American Pentagon proceeded to indirect, still clear and quite unprecedented threats, about what can happen to Russian soldiers, interests and even cities, if Moscow and Damascus do not alter their policy in Syria. In the same time the US Secretary of State is threatening with suspension of talks with Russia on the situation in Syria.

US military opposing escalation in Syria

The enforcement of a “no-fly” zone in Syria would mean a US war with both Syria and Russia, the top US uniformed commander told the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday. Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spelled out the grave implications of the policy advocated by both predominant sections within the Republican

Imagining threats or overblowing existing ones is an Avenue to War

For 17 months, since the Minsk Agreements were signed in February 2015 to try to bring peace to the eastern Ukraine the Kiev regime, and its neo-Nazi and NATO allies, have been preparing for a new offensive against the east Ukraine republics. On July 22nd the Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin stated in a letter to the UN Security Council that “a relapse of large-scale military operations in eastern Ukraine may bury the process of peace settlement there.”

US’s Kangaroo court foiled: Serbia’ s Seselj acquitted of all charges

By Joaquin Flores The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) surprised many  with its announcement of the verdict of the leader of the Serbian...

Sanders proposes full reversal of US policy in the Middle East

Senator Bernie Sanders has made a historic speech about relations with Israel, Palestinians, Iran, Russia and the whole Middle Eastern situation. The speech contains the...