Saturday, 10 December , 2022

US-EU relations

TTIP: conquest by stealth or plunder, American style

WHEN a pickpocket has designs on your wallet, he devises some clever way to distract your attention. A prime example of this is the Canada-EU Trade Agreement (CETA) recently signed in Brussels and now presumably to be referred to all EU countries for a ratification that is assumed to be virtually automatic. What harm can there be in a trade agreement with good

US trade expert: TTIP is on hold, not dead

Contrary to German Vice Chancellor Gabriel’s assertion, transatlantic trade deal talks have not failed, a US trade expert tells DW. Instead, she notes, negotiations have hit a temporary impasse for two reasons.

More than 160,000 join German trade deal protest

More than 160,000 demonstrators thronged seven major cities across Germany on Saturday in protest over a massive transatlantic trade deal, dealing a new blow to the disputed accord.

The TTIP is Dead

Negotiations started in 2013. Aafter 14 ‘rounds’ of talks dealing with 27 points, no agreement has been reached, none whatsoever, leading to the conclusion that the deal is dead. Even though Mme. Merkel defended the treaty with all her heart up to the end of July 2016, both Germany and France now request a definite end to the negotiations.

TTIP Dead: Massive US-EU Trade Deal Falls Apart Says German Vice-Chancellor

Free trade negotiations between the European Union and the United States have fallen apart in recent weeks with Europe reticent to open its agricultural industry to low-cost American “frankenfruits” in addition to concerns over the depletion of labor standards and worries that an unelected cabal will be able to dictate policy over the sovereign objections of participating

How the US Runs the EU

By Alexander Mercouris This is the overwhelming influence the US exerts on it. Britain’s politicians and media completely ignore this, focusing instead on Germany. Wild claims are even...