Wednesday, 17 January , 2018

US election

Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Talk Border Fence

“Mr. Trump agreed that the military assistance provided to Israel and missile defense cooperation with Israel are an excellent investment for America. Mr. Trump said that under a Trump administration, there will be extraordinary strategic, technological, military and intelligence cooperation between the two countries,” the campaign said in a statement. “Mr.

No Matter Who Wins the Election, Military Spending Is Here to...

Pillar one supporting that edifice: ideology. As long as most Americans accept the notion that it is the God-given mission and right of the United States to go anywhere on the planet and do more or less anything it cares to do with its military, you won’t see Pentagon spending brought under real control. Think of this as the military corollary to American exceptionalism—or just call it the doctrine of armed exceptionalism, if you will.

Russian comments on US elections

“I simply believe that this campaign is not worthy of their people. As a person who was engaged in information technologies when studying at the university, I believe that this is a catastrophic campaign. May the colleagues of all kinds and countries forgive me, but I believe that this is simply some sort of a global shame,” Zakharova said at a meeting with students at the Moscow Aviation Institute, reported.

Responsible Scientists for Climate Sanity

On September 20, 2016, 376 members of the National Academy of Sciences, including 30 Nobel laureates, published an open letter to draw attention to the serious risks of climate change. The letter warns that the consequences of opting out of the Paris agreement would be severe and long-lasting for our planet’s climate and for the international credibility of the United States.

The Death of Neoliberalism

The western financial crisis of 2007-8 was the worst since 1931, yet its immediate repercussions were surprisingly modest. The crisis challenged the foundation stones of the long-dominant neoliberal ideology but it seemed to emerge largely unscathed. The banks were bailed out; hardly any bankers on either side of the Atlantic were prosecuted for their

It’s the Robots, Stupid!

The rabid anti-immigrant campaign of Donald Trump mirrors the racist vitriol of right-wing politicians across much of the developed world. But totally absent from what passes for political debate in the U.S. and abroad is what’s really driving those ever more incendiary movements.

Sanders to launch ‘Our Revolution’ next week

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will address supporters on Aug. 24 to tout "Our Revolution," a new organization intended to harness the energy of his supporters and help progressive political candidates across the country. Sanders will speak from Ripley Manor in Washington, D.C., and Our Revolution’s launch will also air live at more than 2,000 organizing meetings nationwide, Sanders said in a press release issued Thursday.

The debate about Trump and foreign policy in the USA

By John Feffer Donald Trump may be a bigot and a bully, but it’s hard not to applaud when he pisses off the stuff shirts at...

Robert Fitrakis: Sanders May Have Lost Due to Election Fraud

Well one of the obvious things in this election was the visible hijacking of Bernie Sanders voters. Bernie brought in what political scientists would call an asymmetrical entrance of new voters. He went out and got a lot of people that hadn’t voted previously and at first emerged in New York City, in Brooklyn where you had 126 thousand people. Overwhelmingly new voters supporting Bernie that were purged at the last second from the voting rolls. And that’s being investigated but it turned out to be a clerk said to have Republican leanings. But just prior to the purge, the daughter of a Clinton super delegate had bought property from her. A million and a half dollars over the street value that wasn’t even being listed. So at least it calls into question, whether it was an old fashioned Tammany Hall bribe for purging voters.

Collapse of US democracy: More than 60% think both Clinton and...

The poll, conducted by Fox News, showed that sixty one percent of Americans think that Hillary Clinton is dishonest, while sixty two think that Donald Trump is not truthful. According to the survey, Clinton is ahead of Trump by ten points, having 49 percent support against Trump’s 39 percent.