Wednesday, 10 August , 2022


The real reason the permanent political class is trying to topple...

The reason Labour had a new leadership election process last time round, was the result of the parliamentary Labour Party and the NEC long term efforts to diminish the power of Trade Unions. By widening the vote to Labour voters, and quieting the voice of Trade Unions, the Blairite factions of the party gambled on those new voters being to the right of the Unions.

Standard and Poor’s attacks Britain

Standard and Poor's has downgraded UK's credit rating by two notches from AAA to AA as a result of the Brexit vote. S&P is concerned about the risks of the UK's external financing conditions worsening. It also said that the economic integrity of the United Kingdom is under threat, once the voters of Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU.

Corbyn remains, but not unconditionally

Jeremy Corbyn’s Sky News special on the EU was very different to the bantering of last big television outing, on the late night Last Leg show. Then, the atmosphere was loud with the audience apparently fuelled by a few drinks. Tonight the only hard stuff on offer was policy.

The Left Remain Case

The campaign is reshaping the British political landscape and the referendum – whatever the outcome - will mark a turning point in the politics of this country. This is a crucial moment because a Brexit victory would inflict a serious defeat on working people, compounding the political and economic setbacks experienced since Thatcherism and isolating us from the working class across Europe

Britain – Is a rigging of the vote possible?

How important is the upcoming “Brexit” vote in the UK? In a recent commentary , it was noted that the current leader in French polling to become France’s next president is Marine Le Pen, of Front-National. Ms. Le Pen has already dubbed herself “Madame Frexit”, going back to the time of the “crisis” in Greece.

I’ll be voting Leave: a “reformed EU” isn’t on the ballot...

There seem to be two clear camps on the Brexit question: those who loathe the EU, and those who don’t know much about it. Even its highest profile supporters feel the need to list its profound shortcomings as part of their rallying cry to Remain

Ken Livingstone: Brexit could make me leave the country

His comments, in his local newspaper the Ham and High, come just days after it was reported Labour bosses had blocked him from making media appearances after deciding he was "uncontrollable". Mr Livingstone has denied the claims.

Sterling, bond yields gain as Brexit views shift

Sterling and bond yields rose on Friday as traders tried to assess whether the killing of a pro-European Union British lawmaker may change the...

Fears of UK exit from the EU fuel global panic

With just six days to go before the British population votes in the June 23 referendum on the UK’s membership in the European Union (EU), the real possibility of an exit vote has triggered alarm in ruling circles internationally.

Brexit and the Globalization Trilemma

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (AEP) has now written a remarkable piece that makes the political case for Brexit. AEP makes clear that he has little in common with the jingoistic and nativist tone of the Brexit campaign. The distortions and lies promoted by the Brexiteers aside, the referendum does raise a serious question about how Britain will be governed