Wednesday, 22 May , 2024

UK referendum

Brexit blog: an objective summary of all sides of the debate

The people of the United Kingdom will vote on June 23 on whether they want the country to leave or remain in the European Union. For months already the rival ‘Stay’ and ‘Go’ camps have been inundating voters with information to support their respective cases, creating something of a patchwork of facts, opinion and fear-mongering.

Why USA fears Brexit

Many wonder if in case of a Brexit the EU will be hit more badly than Britain, considering that the issue does not concern the US directly as they will stay unaffected. If somebody consults the stock markets he will see that in the last month in France and Germany there was a decline of -3% vs. -2.5% downturn in Britain and a rise of 0.9% in the US

TTIP against national democracy

Negotiations on the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership could soon end up in a fast track process which may see the treaty between...