Monday, 28 September , 2020

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Government Purge in the Russian Federation? Putin Orders Arrest of Minister...

Russian official sources say that Uliukaev extorted a $2 million bribe for an assessment that led to the acquisition by Rosneft (a state run Russian oil giant) of a 50% stake in Bashneft (another oil giant). Apparently, Uliukaev tried to threaten Igor Sechin, the President of Rosneft and a person considered close to Vladimir Putin and the Russian security and intelligence services.

This Is How Steve Bannon Sees The Entire World

Well before victories for Brexit and Trump seemed possible, Bannon declared there was a “global tea party movement” and praised European far-right parties like Great Britain’s UKIP and France’s National Front. Bannon also suggested that a racist element in far-right parties “all gets kind of washed out,” that the West was facing a “crisis of capitalism” after losing its “Judeo-Christian foundation,” and he blasted “crony capitalists” in Washington for failing to prosecute bank executives over the financial crisis.

The Nemesis and Scourges of the Western World

Seven is a winning throw of the dice. But in our civil society, seven now signifies the multi-thong scourge, the whip used by the Western world as its instrument of punishment and, in response; seven signifies Nemesis and her sisters, the inescapable agents of the West’s downfall.

Putin urges new Marshall Plan for Middle East

"It has been said more than once that this evil [terrorism] can be defeated only through polled effort of all world countries. Russia has offered that and is offering it to all of its partners," Putin said at a meeting of the Valdai international discussion club. "Colossal damage requires a long-term and all-round program, a kind of the Marshall Plan to revive

Propaganda War against Russia

Through an endless barrage of ugly propaganda, the U.S. government and the mainstream American press have put the world on course for a potential nuclear showdown with Russia, an existential risk that has been undertaken cavalierly amid bizarre expressions of self-righteousness from Western institutions

Putin: USSR could have been reformed, there was no need to...

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union should have transformed the bloc into a democratic entity rather than see it collapse, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. “You know my attitude towards the collapse of the Soviet Union. There was no need to do it.

Putin Blasts Trump and Clinton for ‘Shock’ Campaign Tactics

Putin, who has won praise and a pledge to improve ties from Trump while facing attacks from Clinton, stuck repeatedly to his position that he has no preferred candidate and would work with whoever wins. While his purported predilections have been the subject of bitter invective from both sides, in public at least, Putin didn’t show much enthusiasm for either one.

Italy, Russia – notes on the St. Petersburg Forum 2016, by...

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was the only western leader attending the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Some events are not accidental, especially if they are followed by far-reaching consequences.

Dangerous Crossroads: U.S. Invades Syria, And Warns Russia…

On Monday, August 22nd, the United States government — which demands the overthrow of the internationally-recognized-as-legal government of Syria — officially announced that America’s military forces in Syria will continue to occupy Syrian land, no matter what the Syrian government says, and will shoot down any Syrian planes that fly over U.S. forces there.

Τurkey – Russia: Beginning of a Rapprochement…and a nightmare for US...

They were afraid of Greece, under the enormous pressure of its “partners”, turning to Moscow for assistance. They spend an enormous energy to achieve that, especially by controlling, trapping and manipulating the SYRIZA leadership. They achieved it. Only to see the leader of one of the most important NATO member-states search for help in Russia, some weeks only after the failed coup in his country. Now some are even afraid of “Turexit” (from NATO this time).