Wednesday, 27 January , 2021

New Deal

The Roots of American Misery

By James K. Galbraith Sep 18, 2020 Among recent inquiries into the sources of American discontent, one finds many simplistic diagnoses based on dubious cliches, but...

A Green New Deal beyond growth

A genuine European Green New Deal must place social justice and ecological protection ahead of fiscal discipline and economic growth. by Éloi Laurent 8th October 2019 Following...

Socialising the banks: some historical examples

by Eric Toussaint 21 March 2018 How well a country controls its banks has a profound effect on its history. The Paris Commune was wrong to spare...

Eurobonds: An Open Letter To Martin Schulz

by Stuart Holland* 18 May 2017 Martin, You may recollect that we met with Elisa Ferreira and Jacek Saryusz-Wolski in Strasbourg in 2012 when Elisa, he...

US political establishment – crisis of legitimacy

The political establishment in the U.S. is rapidly moving toward a crisis of legitimacy as capitalist democracy is exposed as a system of insider dealing where war, manufactured social misery and environmental catastrophe are ever-more-implausibly posed as solutions to their own facts. With growing evidence, as if any more were needed, Democratic

The Day After, by James K. Galbraith

The groundwork for the Brexit debacle was laid last July when Europe crushed the last progressive pro-European government the EU is likely to see – the SYRIZA government elected in Greece in January 2015. Most Britons were not directly engaged with the Greek trauma.