Saturday, 23 September , 2023

Lisbon Treaty

The Origins of European Neoliberalism

The real source of neoliberalism in Europe is neither technocracy nor hegemony but a problem specific to the continent: intergovernmentalism By Nicholas Mulder On December 18,...

Flagrant violation of the EU values

On July 5. 2015, in line with the domestic constitutional order, a referendum was held in Greece for the Greek people to adopt a stance, certainly not to exit from the EU – even from the euro (since no such issue had been debated), but to give an answer to the extortive dilemmas of Brussels and the so-called Institutions who are commissioned to serve the Creditors’ interests. T

Poland against France and Germany

Poland to push for 'radical' new EU treaty By Andrew Rettman The EU should have a new treaty that shifts power from the European Commission to...

Brexit “viewed differently”

Within the next few days (on June 23. 2016) the Britons are summoned to decide on their stay in the European Union (E.U.) within the framework, besides, of the constant "reservations" the United Kingdom adopts as a standing policy on European issues