Saturday, 30 May , 2020


Corbyn remains, but not unconditionally

Jeremy Corbyn’s Sky News special on the EU was very different to the bantering of last big television outing, on the late night Last Leg show. Then, the atmosphere was loud with the audience apparently fuelled by a few drinks. Tonight the only hard stuff on offer was policy.

Immigrants, Brexit and Corbyn

Ever since members of the Transport and General Workers Union marched in support of Enoch Powell’s racist attack on BME British citizens in 1968, the question of immigration has been difficult to the point of toxicity for Labour.

The Left Remain Case

The campaign is reshaping the British political landscape and the referendum – whatever the outcome - will mark a turning point in the politics of this country. This is a crucial moment because a Brexit victory would inflict a serious defeat on working people, compounding the political and economic setbacks experienced since Thatcherism and isolating us from the working class across Europe

I’ll be voting Leave: a “reformed EU” isn’t on the ballot...

There seem to be two clear camps on the Brexit question: those who loathe the EU, and those who don’t know much about it. Even its highest profile supporters feel the need to list its profound shortcomings as part of their rallying cry to Remain

Appeal of the British Left Unity to the European Left

As the British referendum campaign on EU membership enters its final days, the tension and anger is palpable. Traditional fault lines in politics are...

Bernie Sanders, Labor, Ideology and the Future of American Politics

by Bob Master Legislative and Political Director for CWA District One of the Communications Workers of America and a co-chair of the New York State Working...

George Galloway: Why I’m backing Brexit

The left-wing firebrand and former MP said the UK should be able to decide for itself "how many immigrants we have, who we deport, what the levels of taxation are and what our foreign policy should be".

Left debates Venezuela

The Bolivarian Revolution faces determined attacks led by Venezuelan elites. But the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) shares blame for the current situation. The party’s relationship with its mass base had deteriorated; corruption and economic turmoil impact ordinary Venezuelans; and the bid to democratize the state was largely abandoned. These all left an opening for the opposition.

France: From Republic to Oligarchy

French society and political culture have changed. These changes were accumulating gradually over the decades, but the intellectual and political elite worked hard to pretend that nothing was happening. The left and the right in a touching unity ignored the process unfolding in front of their eyes that began back in 1995. It all started with a strike of public sector workers against the attempts to cancel the "benefits " for those who worked for the state. Suddenly, for the authorities, the press and even for the trade unions, the people, who were not affected by the proposed change, overwhelmingly supported the strikers. Workers in the private sector stood in solidarity with their colleagues, employed by the state. Transportation workers strike led to a massive influx of people into the streets.

2011: a year of occupations that changed the world

By Paolo Gerbaudo The 2011 square occupations have been a watershed moment that, despite its evanescence, has profoundly changed grassroots and institutional politics. What has become of...