Wednesday, 28 February , 2024

Labor Party

Corbyn Must Win Again But It Is Just The Start

The astonishingly draconian steps the party machine has taken to reduce the chance of Corbyn winning are another warning sign. Disenfranchising 130,000 members and purging people left, right and centre — including the general secretary of an affiliated union — is not the behaviour of an establishment that cares about playing fair.

Jeremy Corbyn makes his move over claims the leadership contest is...

Jeremy Corbyn is investigating claims that the Labour leadership contest is being rigged against his supporters through arbitrary voting bans.The Labour leader has demanded the name of every person who has been disenfranchised, telling The Guardian:I’m surprised at the numbers of people who’ve been denied a vote and I’m surprised at the lack of reason that’s been given to people.

Corbyn to pledge £30bn to ‘restore pride and prosperity’ to south-east...

Speaking at a re-election campaign rally in Ramsgate on Saturday, the Labour leader is expected to say that a future Labour government would place greater emphasis on renewable energy for coastal communities and improved broadband connectivity. He will also back an investment bank for the English region.

Corbyn in Manchester: ‘Politics is changing

Between 1,700 and 1,800 people packed into Salford’s Lowry theatre after the event was announced earlier this week. It dwarfed the much smaller campaign meeting that Corbyn’s rival Owen Smith held in Manchester’s Friend’s House yesterday. The size of the rally reflected the huge support Corbyn has among Labour members and supporters. Corbyn said mobilising that support was the key to winning Labour’s leadership election—and winning change.

Appeal of the British Left Unity to the European Left

As the British referendum campaign on EU membership enters its final days, the tension and anger is palpable. Traditional fault lines in politics are...

Jeremy Corbyn: a Man Who Didn’t Try to Fashion a Career

by Boris Kagarlitsky This past summer, I was hoping to meet with Jeremy Corbyn at a conference on anti-crisis policy in Ufa, Russia. He asked...