Sunday, 12 July , 2020

Iraq war

Barrel Bomb: The Cataclysmic Close of Campaign 2016

Not a single member of the regime was ever tried — or even investigated, at even the most preliminary level — for a single crime committed during its time in power. There were no high-profile Congressional investigations into the hideous carnage and ruin and instability they wrought; not even a “Chilcot Commission” into the origins of the war, as the UK belatedly launched. Instead the regime’s leaders and top factotums were heaped with honors and wealth. Today their endorsement is eagerly sought — and gained — by the “progressive” Democratic candidate for president.

Mosul’s Frightening and Uncertain Future

If the anti-Isis forces ultimately succeed in recapturing Mosul it will be the fifth time the city has changed hands in the course of 13 years of war. The first time was in April 2003 when the Iraqi army was breaking up and surrendering and the Kurdish Peshmerga burst into the city. There was looting on a mass scale which the Arabs blamed on the Kurds and vice versa, but in fact both took part. I saw crowds ransack the governor’s mansion, the Central Bank and the university.

French Bashing (comme … Greek Bashing!)

Les étrangers nous expliquent pourquoi ils detestent les français - documentaire en français

How the CIA Manipulates the Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood

Eric sits down with author Nicholas Schou to discuss his new book Spooked: How the CIA Manipulates the Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood. Eric and Nick explore the history of CIA manipulation of the media going back decades, and how it has evolved into the propaganda consensus we see today. The conversation touches on everything from Nicaragua and the Reagan counter-revolution to the sycophantic relationship between Hollywood and Langley.

The Crime of the Century: The Chilcot Report on Iraq

Sir John Chilcot's public statement, 6 July 2016 We were appointed to consider the UK’s policy on Iraq from 2001 to 2009, and to identify...

Jeremy Corbyn: The first western statesman to apologize for...

That apology is owed to the people of Iraq, the families of those soldiers who died in Iraq or who have returned home injured or incapacitated, and to the millions of British citizens who feel our democracy was traduced and undermined when the decision to go to war was made

Political Coverup of Iraq Atrocities

By Felicity Arbuthnot A little over three months short of the thirteenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq (March 20th, 2003) now widely accepted as...