Sunday, 29 January , 2023


Facebook and the effort to Survey and Control your Mind

Facebook is developing a way to read your mind by April Glaser and Kurt Wagner   “What if you could type directly from your brain?” That...

Why not a Russian, Chinese, or Latin America Google or Facebook?

The following is from an interview transcript of Paul Craig Roberts: The methods for censoring independent media all come from the CIA; they all come...

Noam Chomsky on Trump, Baltics, Crimea, Israel, Climatic Change

In a special UpFront interview, renowned US academic and public intellectual Noam Chomsky sits down with Mehdi Hasan to discuss the implications of a Donald Trump presidency, on both domestic and global issues.

Facebook ‘blocks accounts’ of Palestinian journalists

Account suspensions come on heels of agreement between social media giant and Israel to team up against "incitement". By Sophia Hyatt Editors from two Palestinian news publications based in...

Facebook backs down, will no longer censor the iconic ‘Napalm Girl’...

If you were to pick a handful of images that changed how people think about war, Nick Ut’s most famous photograph would surely be among them. The image of 9-year-old Kim Phuc running from napalm — her skin burning, her clothes burned away — defined the horrors of the Vietnam War.

Facebook and Netanyahu (Power and Internet)

Jordana Cutler, who is currently the Chief of Staff at the Israeli embassy in Washington DC, and a longtime adviser to Netanyahu, has been named as head of policy and communications at Facebook’s Israel office.