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With Mr. Austerity gone, will Germany approve debt relief for Greece?

Germany's new finance minister, Olaf Scholz, is more likely to join a European effort to reduce Greece's debt, but political dangers abound. By Martin Greive ...

Christine Lagarde: A Monster on the top of the IMF

IMF: Greece is high-risk state, should pay double contributions to EU Fund March 26, 2018 “As a high-risk state, Greece should even pay more than twice...

Neo-liberal colonialism for the Eurozone

Pressed into service once again as the main legitimising factor for another drive towards deeper union is the glorious 60-year history of European integration, which must be continued. Since this rather emotionally focused line of argument is wearing thin after years of the Troika’s impoverishment policy, another element has been added to it, namely fear of

Looking for the exit

By Steffen Stierle  Peace, prosperity and democracy. For decades, these promises were used to win large majorities in favour of European integration, including the introduction...