Thursday, 2 July , 2020


Standard and Poor’s attacks Britain

Standard and Poor's has downgraded UK's credit rating by two notches from AAA to AA as a result of the Brexit vote. S&P is concerned about the risks of the UK's external financing conditions worsening. It also said that the economic integrity of the United Kingdom is under threat, once the voters of Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU.

Brexit deepens contradictions within EU

So many things have been said in every EU countries since the Brexit vote prevailed that it seems difficult to add something new concerning what can happen with the UK and its relations with EU, what can happen in the global economical sphere or what can happen with EU as such

Corbyn’s statement on Labour crisis

“Our country faces a huge challenge following Thursday’s vote to leave the European Union. And the British people have a right to know how their elected leaders are going to respond.

Brexit – A view from USA

Though it will take a long time and a lot of government effort There is no lack of apocalyptic handwringing about the UK’s vote last night to leave the European Union—the so-called Brexit. But a more optimistic scenario is also possible.

Great Day in European History

No one believed in this victory. Even most of those who led the campaign for Britain's withdrawal from the European Union did not expect that on the morning of June 24, 2016 it would be announced that the majority voted in favor of a break with the Brussels bureaucracy

Brexit – a view from Russia

Dugin (D): The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union is an event of colossal importance. The whole architecture of the world is changing, because it is not just one of the European countries, it is one of the poles of European civilization.

BREXIT – A New Dimension – New Hope for Europe

BREXIT is the best thing that has happened not only for the Brits – but for all of Europe – and potentially for the world in the last 30-some years – which were beset by Washington Consensus demagoguery, by ever more flagrant globalization towards a New World Order

Brexit and the Crisis on the British Left

By Neil Faulkner Taking a position on the EU Referendum was not easy. The in/out choice was essentially an argument inside the political and corporate...

Brexit vote sends shockwaves across European Establishment

The referendum result was a crushing vote of no confidence in the Establishment. It caused shock waves in the markets which last night were confident of the victory of a vote to remain. The Leave side won by a margin of 52 % to 48%: more than 1.2 million votes more than Remain, with the English shires and Wales voting strongly in favour of Brexit. But Scotland voted massively against. Voter turnout was very high: in Scotland 67%, in Wales 72% and in England 73%.

Sanders: British voted against the way world economy is working

By S.A. Miller  Democratic presidential contender Sen. Bernard Sanders said Friday that the British vote to exit the European Union showed that the “global economy isn’t working for...