Jeremy Corbyn Interview: On Owen Smith, Trident, Brexit, The Housing Crisis And A ‘Universal Basic Income’

By Paul Waugh

Two and a half hours before his rally had even started, the queue to see Jeremy Corbyn had already begun. The line of supporters snaked around Swansea’s LC2 leisure complex, a mix of young and old, parents and teenagers.

All were waiting patiently on a warm summer’s evening to hear the Labour party leader on his re-election tour. “He’s in the building,” one volunteer said, excitedly, and the message spread like a Mexican wave through the crowd.

Makeshift tables had been erected, draped with ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Refugees Welcome’ leaflets. A Socialist Party stall had a poster with the headline “Defend Corbyn: Deselect the Blairites NOW!” Copies of Socialist Worker and The Socialist were gladly bought and red flags were handed out by PCS union officials wearing hi-vis tabards.

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