Thursday, 12 December , 2019


Haiti’s Revolution

Haiti, the first Black Republic that gained its independence 215 years ago.  

The Suburbs and the Revolt – Gilets Jaunes et Banlieue

"Gilets jaunes" et banlieue : y aller ou pas 21/02/2019 Ils viennent - ou pas - à des réunions de quartier aux allures de grand débat...

Did the Elites Have Martin Luther King Jr. Killed?

by Jeffrey St. Clair - Alexander Cockburn January 16, 2017 The most compelling argument against the existence of a vast conspiracy orchestrating the assassinations of Jack...

The Responsibility to Protect the World… from the United States

by Ajamu Baraka One of the most ingenious propaganda weapons ever developed is that the powerful nations of the West—led by the United States—have a...