Tuesday, 16 April , 2024


EU Starves Greece To Force Sell Off

But Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was holding a simultaneous meeting of southern EU leaders in Athens, seeking French and Italian support for an “anti-austerity front” designed to challenge Germany. Years of privatisation and cuts have reduced the size of the Greek economy by more than a quarter and seen national debt soar

Who Profited From the $440 Billion Greek Bailout? Not Greeks

The US$440 billion in Troika loans—and thus Greek debt—has not been employed to benefit the Greek people, or to help the Greek economy recover from its eight years of depression; it has gone to pay the principle and interest on previous Troika debt, as that debt has been piled on prior debt in order to pay for previous debt.

Germany Threatens Portugal!

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble pressed Portugal on Wednesday to stick to its European fiscal targets and said that if it were to apply for a new aid programme the terms would be harsh.

Greece – entering the looting stage of Capitalism

Germany’s Assault On The IMF By Paul Craig Roberts Having successfully used the EU to conquer the Greek people by turning the Greek “leftwing” government into...

Money to Banks, not to Greeks!

Most of Greek bailout money went to banks Only 5 percent of international bailout money for Greece was used to kickstart the country's languid economy,...

Why Greece’s third ‘bailout’ solves nothing

Since 2010 when financial markets first realized Greece could never afford to pay its debt, the country has been subjected to a brutal regime...

The IMF role in the destruction of Greece

The following very interesting research paper is providing with special insight into the steps followed to make the IMF participate in the Greek bail-out...