Spiegel: EU will have to stop the industry for the sake of abandoning Russian gas

May 1, 2022

European Union will be able to meet the targets for filling gas storage facilities only if two-thirds of the Russian gas only if industrial enterprises are disconnected from blue fuel in the spring and summer. This information was shared by the German magazine Der Spiegel.

According to the model of the Jülich Research Center, such a scenario can only be realized if a “tough step” is implemented: the EU will need to limit gas supplies to industry in the spring and summer. Based on the statements of the publication, experts agreed that with a decrease in the transit of blue fuel from Russia it is not possible to fill the storage facilities by two thirds with volumes that will be sufficient for the passage of the winter period.

According to scientists, under the condition of compressing supplies from the Russian Federation to fill storage Europe by 63 percent by August 1, all steel, chemical or cement plants in the European Union must be disconnected from gas from now until the end of July, and gas-fired power plants will have to suspend work for almost all of July.

“Filling (gas. – Note) storage facilities in accordance with the planned volumes and at the same time such a serious reduction in supplies from Russia will only be possible subject to significant restrictions on industry and power plants,” said Jochen Linsen, professor at the Julich Center.

As the Public News Service reported earlier, the Tagesspiegel agency in its material reported that in most Berlin pools, in order to savings electricity, the water temperature will be maintained at a lower level than before.

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The newspaper quoted the head of Berliner Bäderbetriebe pool operator Johannes Kleinsorg. According to him, the network wants to contribute to reducing dependence on the supply of Russian natural gas.

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