Some questions for Mr Varoufakis

By Dimos Dimitriou
May 20, 2023

If there is one single thing we should have learned the hard way from the 2015 Waterloo, it is the need to maintain a certain level of seriousness and credibility.

We cannot say on the one hand that abandonment of  the euro would mean a return to the Neolithic era and on the other hand that nothing is really at stake other than some temporary difficulties (Tr. note. an allusion to different declarations of Mr. Varoufakis back in 2014 and now).  And, in any case, if it so happens that we change our minds, we must explain what was wrong in our previous thought and how we revised it, so that the supporters know what is really happening.

There is no legal way to leave the euro and stay in the EU. Anyone who has negotiated with the Lenders on behalf of the country should know this.

How reasonable is it for someone to want to clash with one of the main Western economic and geopolitical blocs, namely the European Union, and at the same time systematically bash the President of Russia as a criminal, dictator and fascist both before and after the invasion of Ukraine?

How reasonable is it for someone to want to get rid of the Memoranda while trusting one of the main representatives of American capitalism, as Varoufakis himself says in his book, Larry Summers and the Lazard bank, author of the first and second Memorandum, to tell him how to do so?

Is it not expected that, by hearing and reading such things, the average Greek will finally come to the conclusion (if he hasn’t already) that nothing can be done, that he can never again trust forces that promise him “breakthroughs” and that there is ultimately no point in messing with big powers since he has nowhere to lean on?

Published in Greek, translated by Christos Marsellos 

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