Smashing the Orwellian ‘globalisation’ cell

If good and thoroughly decent people shy away from the completely provable truth then we must all expect the Orwellian ‘globalisation’ cell door to close on each and everyone of us!

 By Justin Walker – British Constitution Group 6th July 2016

 What on earth is going on?  Why are good and thoroughly decent people turning away from common sense, common decency and, indeed, the common law?  Why are good and thoroughly decent people crying out to be controlled by the debt-creating central bankers and the ruthless mindset that controls the global financial system?  And why are good and thoroughly decent people cuddling up to billionaire corporate megalomaniacs like George Soros rather than supporting those people who are exposing the completely provable truth?  I only ask because this last weekend witnessed thousands of mainly young people in London crying out with passion for the Brexit result to be overturned and for the United Kingdom to remain as part of the European Union.

For those of us who have done our research, talked to insiders and whistleblowers and have experienced at first hand how the system-servers cannot answer straight forward questions put to them, we are at a loss to understand this enthusiasm to remain in an institution that was deliberately set up by the global elite to destroy our country’s sovereignty and well-being.

These predominately young demonstrators cried out that they are ‘Europeans’ first and that being British is of secondary importance – Britain’s sovereignty and ability to govern itself would appear to be of no importance to them.  They seem to want to be a very small boat in a very big ocean – an ocean whose currents are driven by the globalisation process and the elite’s debt-creating central banking system!  They would appear to believe that the mindset behind globalisation actually cares for them!  They believe that these globalists are actually working to create world peace!   And worst still, they don’t even know what globalisation is, who is behind it and how it works!

But a word to the wise before I go any further.  Whilst I myself may have voted to come out of the European Union, those of us who have researched and established the ultimate truth about the EU, globalisation and the Machiavellian intrigues of the global financial elite, know, without any doubts whatsoever, that the Brexit team, led by Johnson, Leadsom, Gove and Farage, are most definitely not to be trusted!  These leading Brexiteers all unconditionally support the central bankers and the City of London – the corporate power house behind globalisation!

So what is this ‘globalisation’?  Globalisation is the creeping, insidious and almost unchallenged agenda whereby the proverbial ‘one per cent’ (made up of elite financiers and bankers, corporate megalomaniacs and their ‘useful idiot’ system-serving politicians, economists and journalists) create an Orwellian high-tech surveillance and control future for the rest of us.  They do this by engineering and positioning events, invasive technologies, crises, trade deals (like TTIP), bogus charities, not to mention deceptive international organisations, in such a way that will take the peoples of the world inexorably towards global governance by the corporate and banking elite – all at the expense of sovereign nations and us….sovereign human beings!

When we come into this world as sovereign human beings, we have an absolute and God-given right to expect and to experience happy, peaceful and prosperous lives governed by the rule of law.  Anyone disagree?  So let’s now look at this global financial system called ‘globalisation’ that we, the peoples of the world, have most definitely not given our consent to.

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In its current format it is a system provably based on lies, deception and extreme greed.  It is a system that has put humanity on a treadmill of mass mindless production to feed mass mindless consumerism.  It is a system that has created a ridiculously competitive and utterly bogus ‘global economic race’ for nations and their decision-makers to be completely distracted by.  It is a system geared to achieving maximum profits at the expense of increasing environmental degradation.  It is a system that is designed to create completely unsustainable levels of debt so as to gain control of sovereign economies.  It is a system that insists on unfettered free markets that can destroy livelihoods, communities and strategically important industries such as steel.  And it is a system that seeks to dominate the democratic process by unlawfully undermining sovereign nations in order to nudge and steer humanity towards eventual corporate global governance on completely Fascist/Marxist terms that George Orwell would immediately recognise.

And what is certain is that our overall happiness and life-long well-being are not amongst this dreadful system’s priorities – our unquestioning compliance and allegiance to their debt-creating financial system (which, of course, makes huge profits for ‘The City’ and the ‘One per cent’) most certainly is.  Just look at the sweat shops where the world’s poorest and most destitute people are forced to manufacture in harsh often inhumane and even suicidal conditions.  These will continue to thrive as the global financial system’s voracious appetite for low cost exploitative production is allowed to prevail at the expense of human decency.

Put vey simply, what we are witnessing here is an evil system that has absolutely nothing to do with human values.  And it is not going to change anytime soon whilst well-meaning and thoroughly decent people allow themselves to be put into boxes of completely contrived ‘isms and ‘ologies that are designed to fragment the human spirit and to create a situation whereby people then refuse to look at the clear evidence put before them.

Knowing as I do, after nearly thirty years of detailed research, the real picture about the EU and globalisation, I genuinely believe that all those protesting about the outcome of the European Referendum have absolutely no idea as to how they are being deceived and manipulated by the well rewarded champions of the City of London and the global financial elite.  It’s all dreadfully sad!  Nobody likes being told that they’re wrong.  A natural response to information that is completely at odds with your strongly held beliefs is to pull up the drawbridge and go into a difficult state of denial – I believe the medical term for this is cognitive diisonance!

If you are not convinced about what I’ve written so far or you think that I am now straying into the territory normally reserved for so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’, ask yourself these two simple questions….How is money created!  And by whom?

What I’m about to tell you now is completely provable and involves actual historical precedent. It is also so incredibly important and damning that system-serving politicians, economists and journalists will run a mile rather than debate money creation and money supply!  If you want real evidence as to why we should restore our nation’s sovereignty at the expense of the EU and globalisation, here it is!

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Now I think it is fair to say that most people watching the news today allow their minds to wander when economists and business editors try and explain what’s going on in the business and financial markets.  Everything appears to be unbelievably complex!  Nothing seems to make any sense!  It all seems so remote from reality and beyond everyday life.  It certainly seems beyond common sense!  And that’s how the system likes it!  We, the people, have virtually no idea what’s being done to us and what’s actually going on!  We are just largely compliant and accepting to whatever they do to us!  As far as the system-servers are concerned, globalisation is a reality and we, the people, are just too stupid and dumbed down to understand it and, more importantly, unable to do anything about it!  Ignorance prevails at the expense of our freedom and happiness!

Am I being too harsh?  I don’t think so!  How many of you reading this know anything about the Bank for International Settlements?  Can you tell me what Fractional Reserve Banking is? How many of you have ever heard of the City Remembrancer?  What do you know about Colonial Scrip?  The Greenback Dollar?  Or even the Bradbury Pound?  Not many of you, I bet!  When it comes to money creation and money supply, the truth is incredibly simple… simple that even I can understand it!

First of all, let’s get down to the absolute basics, what is money?  The best and simplest definition is this – “Money is simply a convenient unit of exchange for goods and services that people have complete confidence in”.  That’s it!  Now we are told ad nauseam by the system-serving economists that when the British Government finds that its taxation receipts are outweighed by its projected expenditure, that we, as a sovereign nation, have to go cap in hand to the private banking and financial sector to borrow the difference – the so-called ‘deficit’.

To the uninitiated this would appear to make sound economic sense.  Just one problem!  The private banking and financial sector – centred around the  – creates and conjures up money completely out of thin air as debt!  Their money is not backed by deposits, gold or anything tangible – it’s backed by absolutely nothing!  And when this interest bearing ‘nothingness’ is transferred over to HM Treasury in return for ‘bonds’ (in effect IOU notes), we, the poor bloody taxpayer, not only have to pay this loan back with money that’s backed up by our labour and sweat but we also have to pay the interest as well!!  Come on people, please wake up and smell the proverbial coffee!

Currently paying the interest alone for Britain’s borrowing comes to something like £52 billion a year – that’s one billion pounds a week we’re paying back for something that never actually existed in the first place!  This is just bloody insane!  And yet we, including those of you demanding that we stay in the globalists’ European Union, have absolutely no idea that this is how Britain’s finances are managed.

The simple and completely truth is this.  Any sovereign nation can create, issue and control its own debt-free and interest-free money, through its treasury, that is based entirely on that nation’s wealth, credit and potential in order to provide the essential liquidity needed to ensure the security, prosperity and happiness of its people. And the British Government did this extremely successfully back in 1914 with the Bradbury Pound.  And the trouble is that 99.9% of the British people have absolutely no idea about this, including the majority of our elected representatives.  Now you see the problem!

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Obviously there is much more to learn about the Bradbury Pound and the fiscal concept of public or national credit, so I would ask you to please download and read the following two free e-books that I have written on the subject.  And, incidentally, it was a retired and very elderly Director of the Bank of England who originally told me about the Bradbury Pound – his simple message was that if Britain once again reintroduced Treasury-created, debt-free and interest-free money that was based solely on our country’s wealth and potential then, I quote, “all of Britain’s economic woes would be sorted!”  This means that there would be ample money for the NHS and the vulnerable people in our society; there would be an immediate end to Osborne’s unlawful austerity measures; no more student fees; proper protection for our strategic industries and vital infrastructure and an immediate boost to our armed forces to bring them back to a level whereby we are not dependent upon other countries for our nation’s security.  Not bad for simply doing something we’ve done before!

I would also urge you to please read this long but excellent article by Kenn d’Oudney from the Democracy Defined Educational Campaign:

And so finally, to all those good and thoroughly decent people demonstrating at the weekend, not to mention the rest of the 99% of the British population who are living in complete ignorance about what’s really happening to them, it’s time to get behind a new grassroots movement that is throwing down the gauntlet of truth, common sense, common decency and actual historical precedent on behalf of all of humanity to deal with this financial and economic nightmare of growing proportions.  It’s time to come together with the completely provable truth to bring down this process of globalisation for good!  And it’s time at last to put a human-scale economy before giant transnational corporations.

Please sign up today and join us!  The BCG is spearheading a new and growing network of activists who, regardless of race, colour, creed, class or political loyalties, are raising their heads above the parapet to expose and take on peacefully this global financial and corporate elite whilst waking up the British nation – and indeed humanity come to that – to their true potential!  Not much to do then!

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