Scuffles with police in central London as outraged anti-Brexit protesters march on 10 Downing Street

Dec.13, 2019

Not content with the victorious Conservative leader’s suggestion that it was time to “let the healing begin,” an angry crowd of anti-Brexit protesters has taken to London streets, chanting “Boris Johnson – not our Prime Minister!”

Johnson’s Conservatives scored a decisive win in Thursday’s general election, winning an 80 seat majority in Parliament on the back of the PM’s promise to “get Brexit done.” However, droves of protesters turned out on Friday evening to dispute Johnson’s victory.

Holding aloft signs saying “Defy Tory Rule” and “Stop Islamophobia,” several hundred protesters assembled outside Johnson’s residence at Downing Street, before marching to Trafalgar Square and onwards, with no clear end in sight.

The protest drew a heavy police presence, and groups of protesters – some wearing face masks – periodically scuffled with the officers. As the march went on, crowds of protesters bearing the black and red flag of ‘Antifa’ clashed with police, knocking officers to the ground and chanting “scum.”

Speaking outside Downing Street on Friday afternoon, Johnson asked the public to “let the healing begin,” before urging them to take a “break” from the pre-election political wrangling and enjoy the Christmas season.

Johnson’s statement was an easy one to make, coming on the back of the Conservative Party’s most resounding success at the ballot box since 1987. The result frees Johnson up to focus on delivering a Brexit deal, which he has promised to do by the end of January.

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However, if tensions in London and massive rows on social media are any indication, the Leavers and the Remainers are far from being busy mending their relations in a divided Britain.

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