Russia – Ukraine: What peaceful co-existence

A conversation with friends of Russia and Ukraine
March 18, 2022 at 14:00 PM French Time Zone (GMT+1)

08:00 AM in Montreal / 09:00 AM in Guyana / 10:00 AM in Rio de Janeiro / 13:00 PM in Dakar / 14:00 PM in Paris/Vienna/Warsaw/Belgrade / 15:00 in Kyiv/Athens/Bethlehem / 16:00 PM in Moscow / 18:30 PM in Delhi / 20:00 PM in Jakarta/Bandung/Surabaya / 21:00 PM in Beijing/Shanghai / 22:00 PM in Seoul/Tokyo

ORDER OF SPEAKERS (based on the geographical proximity with Ukraine):

Gracjan Cimek, Poland (Professor, Doctor, Political Science, International Relations, Polish Naval Academy, Gdynia)

Dragana Mitrovic, Serbia (Professor, Doctor, Political Economy, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade)

Hans Köchler, Austria (Emeritus Professor, Doctor, Philosophy, University of Innsbruck, President of International Progress Organisation, Vienna)

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos, Greece (Journalist and writer, editor of Defend Democracy Press, former correspondent in Moscow, former advisor of the Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou on East-West Relations and Arms Control, Athenes)

Bruno Drweski, France (Professor, Doctor, History, Political Sciences, Eastern European Studies, National Institute of Languages and Civilisations, Paris)

Yin Zhiguang, China (Professor, Doctor, International Relations, School of Public Affairs and International Affairs, Fudan University, Shanghai)

Manoranjan Mohanty, India (Emeritus Professor, Doctor, Political Sciences, Chinese Studies, Council for Social Development, New Delhi)

Connie Rahakundini Bakrie, Indonesia (Doctor, Senior Defense and Military Analyst, Jakarta)

Devon Dublin, Guyana (Veterinary Doctor and Zootechnician, Master’s Degree in Marine Life Sciences, PhD in Environmental Science Development, the Governance Coordinator for WWF-Guianas, WWF-Guianas)

CHAIR: Darwis Khudori, Indonesia/France (Professor, Doctor, Architecture, History, Oriental/Asian/Islamic Studies, University Le Havre Normandy)

THE CONVERSATION IS OPEN TO PUBLIC FOR FREE OF CHARGE. Please, click the following link to join the conversation:

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This event is a part of the commemorative conference BANDUNG -BELGRADE-HAVANA that will take place in Indonesia in conjunction with the G20 Summit at the end of October 2022. See more information at

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