Russia, China can resist sanctions by moving away from US dollar: Lavrov

Russia, China can reduce sanctions risks by moving away from US dollar, Sergey Lavrov says

Moscow and Beijing should work together to resist American sanctions by becoming more self-reliant in science and technology and moving away from the US dollar for trade, Russia’s top diplomat said.
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made the remarks in an interview with Chinese state media ahead of his arrival in Guilin on Monday afternoon, where he will meet his counterpart Wang Yi
Lavrov called sanctions imposed by the West against China and Russia “unwise”, but said the two nations’ response should be cooperation.
“In addition to strengthening cooperation under the UN framework on the immediate end to unilateral coercive measures, China and Russia should also take the opportunity to enhance their scientific and technological innovation and improve their national strength in response to the sanctions,” Lavrov said, according to state broadcaster CGTN.
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Russia supports idea of wide coalition to combat unilateral sanctions, says Lavrov

Mar. 22, 2021
Moscow supports the idea of forming a widest coalition of countries that stand against unilateral sanctions, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the Chinese mass media.
According to the Russian top diplomat, any initiatives geared against such an illegitimate instrument as unilateral sanctions “deserve all possible support.” “Venezuela came out with an initiative at the United Nations to establish a coalition against unilateral measures of compulsion,” the minister recalled. “By the way, the organization has a special envoy, a special rapporteur on issues of countering unilateral sanctions. The rapporteur voices very balanced, objective attitudes.”
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