Romania bringing Moldova into NATO

February 11, 2022

Romania’s Defence Minister Vasile Dincu and his Moldovan counterpart Anatolie Nosatii signed in Chisinau a protocol on co-operation in the field of military education on the sidelines of a joint meeting of the national governments of Romania and Moldova hosted by Chisinau.


Dincu and Nosatii had a private meeting during the joint governmental session to review the main aspects of defence co-operation since 2000 and the prospects for its intensification under the aegis of the strategic partnership between the two countries signed in 2010.


In order to strengthen regional security and develop military co-operation, the two defence ministers sent a signal to encourage the accession of Moldova to the South-East Europe Defense Ministerial (SEDM) Process, which would allow participation in projects developed under this initiative.


In his turn, Nosatii expressed his gratitude for the support provided by Romania in key areas of co-operation: ensuring the participation of the troops of the two national armies in joint exercises in both Romania and Moldova and ensuring a significant number of places in Romanian military education establishments for the personnel of the National Army of Moldova.

He also mentioned the valuable expertise and assistance provided by Romania amidst the implementation of objectives of important co-operation initiatives – the Moldova-EU Action Plan and the Moldova-NATO Partnership Individual Action Plan, in particular the Defence and Related Security Capacity Building (DCB).

“Romania was and is an important strategic partner to Moldova. Over time, we have managed to build sincere, unconditional and confirmed friendships under a large number of joint projects, programmes and activities designed to develop the defence sector of Moldova. We continue to rely on the experience of Romanian partners in reforming the defence sector…to participate in international peacekeeping operations,” said Nosatii.

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